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Misfit - Jon Skovron When I read that the premise of this book was about a girl who's mother was a demon and father was a priest, my first thought was "I am so in!"This story has so many different things going for it. The main character, Jael, likes to blend in and not make a lot of waves. Her and her father have been moving around her entire life, so she adapts well. They've been in their current location a couple of years and Jael would give anything to stay there until high school is over. She has her best friend, Britt, who is superficial, has a naughty reputation, and is majorly catholic. There is definitely more going on under there, she just doesn't want anyone to see it. Then there is Rob, the cute skater boy, who also happens to be a math and science genius. He's easygoing, understanding, and ultimately just wants to be there for Jael.I love the mythology and history we get on the demons and hell. It's a new take on it all and so different from things I've read before. We get some flashback chapters that help explain some of the characters motivations. Especially Jael's father, who otherwise doesn't really express much of anything. I really liked the explanations of magic and how it ties to science and the earth. It was so unique and intriguing, I almost believe it could be true.Jael's uncle Dagon was probably my favorite character. He was just so darn funny and cool :0) I even liked the villian, too. Not in the "I want to hang out" way, but he was seriously convincing and totally wicked. I wouldn't want to run into him in a dark alley.Overall this was a fantastic read! It's take on demons was fresh and fun. Definitely recommended :0)