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The Near Witch - Victoria Schwab Full review also posted @ http://sarahliveslovesreads.blogspot.com/2011/08/near-witch-by-victoria-schwab.htmlLet me start off by saying, this story was so beautifully written. I can safely say that I will gladly whatever Victoria Schwab writes in the future.I love that she kept the era this was set in, so ambiguous. It added to the mystery and allure of the story. You get the impression that it's taking place many years ago, but you never really know for sure. I loved how she built up the moor that surrounded the village of Near. It was so haunting, but at the same time you just wanted to know what was out there. Our main character Lexi, was totally badass. She may not have been your conventional kick butt heroine, but she wasn't afraid to stick up for what she believed and what she wanted. I liked the fact that she wasn't a prissy girl, who couldn't do anything for herself. She was a hunter and tracker, she even chopped her own wood for her family. Her little sister Wren was absolutely precious and I could picture her dancing around and playing her games. Cole wasn't your typical male lead either, but that doesn't mean he wasn't swoon worthy. In the beginning he was very hesitant to be around Lexi, but as we learn it is for good reason. As the story goes on he proves how worthy he is and shows how much he cares for Lexi.The direction the story took and the way the people in the village were behaving, in the second half of the book, actually scared me a little. Not because it was horror movie type stuff, but it was a very realistic feeling portrayal of the way humans behave when they need to have an answer or someone to blame. It was an excellent, if frightening, insight into the human condition. This story was haunting, romantic and at times hopeful. I hope everyone will give this book a read :0)