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Between - Jessica Warman Review originally posted here http://sarahliveslovesreads.blogspot.com/2011/09/between-by-jessica-warman.htmlI'm not always up for mysteries. I like them, but they aren't usually my first choice. What drew me to this one, was that the main character was a "ghost" trying to figure out the mystery of her own death. The very beginning of the book starts out with her not even realizing she is dead, but once she realizes she is joined by a former classmate who died the year prior and they start trying to piece together exactly what happened to Liz. I can't say specifically that I liked or disliked Liz, because the afterlife Liz grew on me, but Liz from her living years was absolutely terrible. There is some growth in the afterlife Liz, because as she is looking back at her life via her memories and Alex's, she realizes how awful she had been to people and definitely acknowledges the wrongness of her behavior. I liked that the author was able to give the character new depth even though she was technically dead. I can't really say too much about Alex, because we never truly get to know him. We see bits and pieces of his memory, but this wasn't his story, so we only scratch the surface on his character. I felt the most for Liz's dad and her boyfriend Richie. The two of them went through the most after she died, her father definitely more so, but it was interesting to see the ways they handled themselves after. Richie, the notorious school drug dealer, gave up the bad and took up running. Her father, the workaholic, gave up work and took to drinking and smoking. I always find the way grief is written for different characters to be fascinating, because it is one thing that is truly individual. My favorite part about the story was they "memory hopping". I liked that we learned about Liz's life along with her, by going in and out of different memories. We got to see bits and pieces of her past played against her world going on without her. I also thought it was really cool that her and Alex could share memories with each other if they wanted to. The mystery, surrounding Liz's death, didn't start to become obvious to me until close to the end of the book. I couldn't decide with any conviction what I thought had happened. Some of the other twists in the book were a little easier to spot, but even they kept me guessing for at least half the book. I thought the story was very well written and everything was wrapped up nicely. It gives hope for those left standing. Oh, and the cover is soooo Pretty :0)