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Deadly Cool - Gemma Halliday http://sarahliveslovesreads.blogspot.comI love murder mysteries and I love YA murder mysteries even more. Even though teenagers solving murders are highly unrealistic and you constantly want to scream at them not to go into that dark place, in the middle of the night, by themselves, they are still a heck of a lot of fun to read. Especially when it takes most of the book before you start piecing it together yourself. This was a fun book, minus the murdering, of course. I fell for a couple of the red herrings and even made some random off base guesses as to who was the killer. I didn't really start figuring it until pretty close to the end. I don't know if I'm crazy about the motive behind the murders, it seemed a little to far fetched for me, but other than that I really enjoyed the read. Hartley, our crime soliving heroine, cracked me up. She was funniest when she was dealing with a particular bad situation. Humor as a crutch, that's something we share. After finding a condom wrapper in her boyfriend Josh's locker, she does what any logical girl would do, she assumes he's doing a science project on reproduction. Once she admits to herself that doesn't make sense, she goes to confront him and instead finds a dead girl in his closet. It's not really her day. Before Josh goes into hiding he begs her to figure out who really killed Courtney, and she actually agrees to help him. And so her adventure begins. She enlists the help of her best friend Sam, who I hope we get to know a lot better in the next book, because she was pretty funny, too. They end up partnering with Chase, too, after they need his help with the investigation. I loved Chase! Of course, who doesn't love a beautiful, muscled, bad boy? I can't wait to read more of him in the next book, either! This was a fast paced, well written mystery. It was full of colorful characters and lots of humor. I am eagerly anticipating another adventure with Hartley and crew. I sure do hope she starts carrying pepper spray or something :0)