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A Beautiful Dark - Jocelyn Davies http://sarahliveslovesreads.blogspot.comI'm a fan of angel books in general, with a few exceptions, so I was pretty excited to jump into this one. I wasn't disappointed. There are so many love triangles in YA paranormal these days that they can feel a little played out, but even though the description sets it up to be one, I never really felt like it was a true triangle. I guess that means I picked my team early, don't worry, I won't say who :0) Skye, Asher and Devin were all fantastic characters, I wouldn't have enjoyed myself so much if they weren't, but I really loved Skye's group of friends. Cassie was dramatic and loud and wonderful. She did everything with flair and even though she was often preoccupied with her own stuff, she really was a good friend. Dan reminded me of some of my guy friends from high school. He was an all around good guy who is willing to do anything for his best friend and he was pretty comical at times, too. I felt so sad for Ian, with his very unrequited crush on Skye. What I really appreciated about that dynamic, though, was that Skye was aware of his feelings and did everything she could to make sure she wasn't leading him on. Poor, Ian. I don't want to talk about the boys, because I don't want to give away any of the good bits, but I do want to talk about Skye. She was one of the stronger female characters I've read recently. Despite the two sides that were pulling at her all of the time, she was never easy to give her trust or just believe what she was told. Once things started to be revealed to her, she wanted answers and was not okay with them keeping things from her just to spare her feelings. This wasn't an action packed book, so she wasn't kick ass in the literal sense, but she still kicked! What an ending Jocelyn Davies has left us with. It will definitely leave you clamoring for the sequel, but fear not, it is definitely worth the read. Happy Reading!