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Skid Out (A Heavy Influence Novel), #0.5) - Ann Marie Frohoff Ann Marie was nice enough to send me a copy of "Skid Out", the prequel to her upcoming Heavy Influence Trilogy, and the accompanying mp3 "Transpose". The story is about 17 year old Jake and his upcoming tour with his band, so I thought it was really original that her stories are accompanied by original songs that have lyrics featured within the book.The prequel is just 56 pages long, but it does an excellent job setting up the story to come. We are introduced to both Jake and his neighbor Alyssa. A little back story is worked into both of their narratives, so we understand their relationship better. Alyssa is just starting high school and suddenly notices Jake, and how cute he's become. They talk a little bit outside their houses and Alyssa start's to develop a crush. Jake has always been aware of Alyssa, once upon a time they were good friends, but it isn't until recently that he's really started seeing her. They spend some time hanging out and Jake keeps trying to convince himself that there can't be more going on. He's about to go on tour and it would just complicate things. We get some really good scenese with the two of them together, but we also get introduced to their groups of friends. I'm sure we will get to know all of them better in the future. The end of this piece definitely holds promise for what could be in the future, but really it could go either way. I'm very excited to see what's in store for Jake, Alyssa and all of their friends. Thanks to Ann Marie for letting me read "Skid Out" and I can't wait for more!