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Exclusively Yours (The Kowalskis) - Shannon Stacey I am an absolute sucker for love stories, especially those about high school sweethearts reconnecting later in life. Joe and Keri's story fit the bill perfectly. Joe still pining, Keri in major denial, a couple of weeks in the middle of nowhere with his whole family, and wild things are bound to happen.Joe was positively swoony and so good at pushing Keri's buttons. She was relentlessly snarky at first, but I loved that Joe wasn't willing to give up so easily.I also really liked the secondary story in this one, revolving around Joe's sister Terry, and her fledgling marriage. I loved control freak Terry and I really enjoyed watching her realize some truths about herself. I also really liked how Terry and Keri's pasts were connected. It added another awesome level to the book.