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Undeniably Yours  - Shannon Stacey The second book revolves around youngest brother, Kevin Kowalski, and his one night stand with Beth ending up with her pregnant. I think Kevin is my favorite Kowalski (don't tell the rest of them) and I was so excited to get to know him and his bar a little better. I wasn't completely sold on Beth at first, her independence wasn't as endearing to me, as I think it was probably supposed to be. I totally get that she doesn't know this man who has all of the sudden become a part of her life, but her constantly pushing away his offers of help was just silly. Of course, as the story went on and she warmed up to Kevin and his family, I warmed up to her. The secondary story in this one was about Kevin's bar manager, Paulie. She is the kind of gal you want to hang out with on the weekends. Loud, crass and all kinds of attitude, not to mention so much fun. It was great reading about how she dealt with her past walking through the door of Jasper's.