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Yours to Keep (Hqn) - Shannon Stacey The third book about the Kowalski's has my favorite story line. I'll let you in on a little secret, if a book features a scenario where characters have to live together and pretend they are a couple, I will read it. No questions asked. These stories give the best kind of background for blossoming love and plenty of lust, too. Sean Kowalski is definitely a little rough around the edges, having just gotten out of the military. Considering a complete, and possibly crazy, stranger knocked on his door and let him know that they have a fake future together and then asked him to move in with her and pretend for her gram, he handled it all pretty much in stride.This one was just so much fun. The teasing and bickering between these two was so good and the sexual tension was through the roof. And Emma's grandmother, Cat, was the kind of lady I hope to be at that age. She had all kinds of spunk and was as smart as a whip.