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Luminosity (The Raven Chronicles) - Stephanie Thomas Since I was young, I’ve often thought of how cool it would be to be psychic. Being psychic is a lot different than being a Seer, but it made joining Bea for her story, all the more appealing for me. Being a Seer is a very important part of Bea’s world and it has determined a lot about the way her life has gone. Children born with Sight are sent to live in the Institution when they are very young. I absolutely love the dynamic of characters thrown together in a small, and sometimes very controlled, atmosphere. Bea is the best of the Seer’s at the Institution and because of a recent vision, she may have saved her people from an invasion by the Dreamcatchers. Her vision allowed the Keeper to catch one of them that had managed to get into their city and isolate the threat. They think the warning they received from the Dreamcatcher is a blessing and will help them better prepare for the rest of them that are said to be coming. What they don’t know is that Bea has a secret. Another Dreamcather has been visiting her in her dreams and they may already be too late. Other Seers at the Institution start having visions that hint at betrayal, so Bea must keep everything to herself, because she doesn’t want to get labeled a danger to everyone. She feels safe with the Dreamcatcher in her dreams, but with the impending threats of them coming to kill her and her people, she must figure out a way to stop them. She also begins questioning the Keeper, but going against her is not really a possibility and is starts to become obvious that Keeper is keeping secrets from the rest of the Institution.I think this was such a unique story. Visions and Seers are always such a fascinating topic to read about and I thoroughly enjoyed the history behind who they were and that of their enemies. Little things, like the color of the Seer children’s eyes all being the identifying feature, were fun and added to the mythology of the story. I guess it can be clichéd to have a leader who isn’t exactly what they seem, and could even be an enemy in their own right, but I like the way it was done in this story and I feel like it opens up a lot of potential for Bea’s character in future books. This one ends with a bit of a cliffhanger, so I will anxiously await the next book in the series.