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Earth - Shauna Granger 3.5 starsI've always enjoyed stories where the characters magics are based on the elements. The idea of being able to control the various elements is such a fascinating thing, and really the possibilities are endless. Shay, Jodi and Steven are such an awesome group of friends. They are connected by their shared powers, but their bond is so much more than that. I loved the teasing and banter back and forth between them, not to mention the way they were able to communicate with only each other. I think it'd be awesome to be able to carry out secret conversations, or convey specific emotions, just by touching. When the story starts, the three of them are planning to contact the angels to get some help for a friend of theirs, who is in a seriously abusive relationship. They think it's worked, and much faster than they imagined, but then weird things start happening and Shayna senses something much more sinister is at work. This book is full of twists and all kinds of crazy happenings. People aren't necessarily who you think they are and you will be flipping pages to see how it's all going to go. This is the first book in the series and I am looking forward to seeing what kinds of situations this gang finds themselves in next. Lots of magic, great friendships, twists and surprises. Definitely one worth picking up :0)