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Demonglass - Rachel Hawkins I really, really liked 'Hex Hall', but I really, really loved 'Demonglass'!! I'm feeling a little fangirly here, but that's okay with me. I liked the setting of the school in 'Hex Hall', but I definitely preferred the setting of London and the mansion in 'Demonglass'. It just felt like this setting gave the characters more room to BE, if that makes any sense to anyone other than me. Not to mention the cool, creepy new demons! SQUEE! I just love the idea of demons in books. Of course I adore Cal, and have since the first book, but this book I actually came to like Archer as well. I wasn't really fond of him in the first book, he just never felt sincere to me. He grew on me in this one, but I still don't know if I can trust him completely, yet. I really liked Sophie's dad, something about him charmed me. And wholly crap, what the heck is really going on up in this world!! I have to say, though, I wish the end wasn't so cliffhanger-y. I wants the next book NOW, please? K thanks :0)