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The Way We Fall - Megan Crewe *Update* I hadn't realized that this was part of a series, so that explains the somewhat abrupt ending. That changes my opinion slightly, since I now know there will be more to the characters and story in future books.This story had so much potential. I was really interested by the premise of an epidemic sweeping through a town, causing death and madness in its wake. Unfortunately, it didn't completely live up to the potential I saw in it. What bothered me the most, was the journal format for the story. I felt like a plot as heavy as this one would have been better with a different narrative. I'm not totally against the journal style, but I sometimes felt like I was missing parts of what was happening, because I was only getting what Kaelyn was writing in her journal. It was hard to feel hopeful or try and see the other side of all of the horrible things happening, because the whole book was so depressing. This is a book about a fatal epidemic, so I didn't expect it to be happy all of the time, but nothing in the book gave me any hope until the very end. And that was so rushed and we didn't even get to see the beginnings of the characters rebuilding their lives. It just ended. I don't mean it to seem like I hated the book, because that isn't the case. I read it all the way through, because I cared enough about the characters and their stories. I really was rooting for something good and I wanted to find out what ultimately happened to all of them. This one definitely has a place amongst post-apocalyptic novels and had a great premise going for it. If the journal style doesn't bother you and you are prepared for a grim tale, then I am sure this is something many people will enjoy. This held my interest enough to read through to the end and I'm glad to have found out where the story ended up. Even though this wasn't a perfect fit for me, I will still consider reading more from this author in the future.