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Over You - Nicola Kraus, Emma McLaughlin Originally posted at The Book Life; http://www.thebooklife.com/2012/08/over-you-by-emma-mclaughlin-nicola-kraus.htmlSure there were things about this book that were a little far fetched. Like a teenage girl basically having her own apartment downstairs from her parents, and said teenager running her own business from that apartment, without her parents having any clue. That aside, this was a really fun book. I really liked the concept behind Max's business. Giving girls the tools they need to get over the guy, while keeping their pride and letting the guy know what he missed out on. Max's friends/co-workers were really fantastic. They were such a great support system, even though Max tended to take advantage of them and didn't really notice how much they wanted to be there for her. One thing that did bug me about this book was the narrative. It kind of felt all over the place and got a little distracting at times, but the story was mostly easy to follow so I didn't get tripped up too much. There a couple of storylines happening simultaneously in Over You. You've got Max's most recent client's story, alongside Max meeting a cute guy that could be something more for her, and then there is the fact that Max has still got to deal with her past relationship trauma. Things go a nice pace throughout the story and we learn bits and pieces about Max and her business all along the way. After the big reveal/conflict that happens, though, I kind of felt like the rest of the story was very rushed. I definitely would have liked a little more story in the last couple chapters of the book, but the ending was satisfying enough and it didn't really spoil the fun of the rest of the book for me. This is a great contemporary read. It's fun, quick, and has some excellent characters and funny moments. Definitely worth picking up :0)