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I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You - Ally Carter This book is definitely one that is meant to be read by teens, and even though I am no longer a teen, I found this little gem to be quite enjoyable. In general, I am a fan of the YA genre and this one didn't disappoint me. I may be a little biased, because I am a huge fan of anything and everything that has to do with spies. I wish I were a spy. I often contemplate going into CIA headquarters and asking if I can apply for a job. So that was an extra star up front for me. Of course there were other things I liked about the book, the characters were fun, the story made me laugh, and the story was easy to zip right through. I've got the other three books in this series waiting on my shelf, and I am looking forward to continuing on with these characters :0)