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Shine - Jeri Smith-Ready It's taken me a couple of weeks to write up this review, because when I first finished the book it would have all been kind of nonsense. I was all I LOVE THIS BOOK! THIS WAS THE PERFECT ENDING! ZACH! AURA! IRELAND! SCOTLAND! Though it was a completely accurate display of my emotions after reading, it wouldn't have made a very good review. Obviously this book is amazing, I mean how could it not be. I always get really nervous when reading a conclusion to a series, because what I imagine as a perfect ending isn't necessarily going to be the same as what the author imagines. I didn't need to worry with this one, though, because Jeri Smith-Ready totally nailed it! We've got all of the great characters back in this one, but most of them stay in the background, because Shine focuses on Zach and Aura and is so much better for it. I felt like I really got to know Zach and Aura during the course of this book. We get to learn more about their history, their parents at Newgrange, the Shift, and how they are really tied in with it all. We also get to see their relationship truly develop. They never really got to be together in the first two books, so while they are learning about their pasts, they also learn about each other and form a stronger bond. And I think their story deserved to be told. I want to go into all kinds of specifics and squee about certain scenes and lines, but I don't want to ruin the awesome experience that is reading Shine for the first time. I hope that everyone runs right out to get this and if you haven't started the series, run out and get all three!