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Endlessly - Kiersten White Evie has never had it easy. From tagging and bagging paranormals for the IPCA, taking on an evil minded girl who can suck the very soul from a paranormal, dealing with a possessive ex, to being messed with by a crazy kid who can do things he shouldn't be able to. Life's an adventure, or something. All Evie wants is to be normal and she's finally getting it, because she is %100 percent done with IPCA and faerie paths. She's going to live her normal life, at her normal school, with her not quite normal boyfriend. Except the knock on her door from a strange women, who claims to be in charge of her assignments at the IPCA, gets her thinking that maybe normal was too much to hope for. When she meets with Raquel to get things straightened out, things aren't right and she starts to worry. I am an Evie fan through and through. She is what keeps me coming back to this series and I will definitely miss her now that the books are done, but boy did I love her in this last book. She's struggling with who she is, what she can do and what she wants to do, but through it all she is still the Evie I've grown to love and I was always in her corner. I loved the main conflict in Endlessly. There was so much going on and the story would turn a corner where you least expected it. Definitely kept me on my toes. And that ending, I won't give it away, because you really need to experience this book for yourselves, but it was such an awesome ending. After all of the back and forth within herself, and from others, Evie finally figured out what she needed to do. I cheered for her. I think Paranormalcy will always be my favorite of the series, but this is defiintely a close second and such a great ending for our characters.If you haven't picked up the first two books in this series, get on it! Kiersten writes with so much humor and heart, you'll be turning pages like crazy. If you've alread read the first two, then definitely pick this up as soon as you can on release day. You won't be disappointed :0)