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Sweet Evil - Wendy Higgins Wendy Higgins has written a completely unputdownable story with Sweet Evil! I'm a little ashamed to admit that it hadn't really been on my radar, but a couple of blogger friends couldn't stop talking about how amazing it was, so I tracked down a copy and got to reading. I was not disappointed! This book has a really original take on Nephilim and I loved the way that propelled the story. Also, this book is HOT! The sexual tension is so palpable you will be panting. I...just...Wow! Hmmhmm...so anyway, our main character is a good girl, with a boy best friend, who likes to go see bands play. This is how we, and Anna, first meet Kaidan Rowe. He is, in Anna's words, "Sexy like it was his job or something." While he is definitely super hot and ended up becoming one of my new loves, when he first comes into the picture he's pretty much an arrogant ass. If I'm being honest, though, it's all part of his charm. Kaidan introduces Anna to who she really is and it doesn't take long before the stakes are raised and the adventure begins. Anna and Kaidan have to hit the road, because there is a Nun with information about who Anna is and what she is supposed to do. Then there is the very angry demon who doesn't think Anna is fulfilling her potential and thinks she needs some "guidance" to get on the right path. While away from home, Anna gets to meet her father, whom she's never actually met. He's nothing like she expected and ends up being an integral part to her story. We also get to meet some more of their kind, old friends of Kaidan's, and they are so much fun. I am especially fond of the twins, even though Ginger was mostly a bitch. I found them completely amusing and I think it will be nice for Anna to have some girls who understand what she goes through. Sweet Evil is an inventive paranormal with a new twist on demons, angels, and nephilim. It has an amazing cast of characters and I can't wait to find out where Anna's new life takes her. This is a book that you won't want to miss out on!