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ReVamped - Ada Adams It takes a lot to get me to read a vampire story these days. A few years back after reading a certain story about beautiful, sparkling, undead creatures, I went crazy devouring every other vampire book I could get my hands on. Then I got burned out, big time. I dabble from time to time in the genre, but it takes a really unique angle and some serious selling by other readers whose opinions I trust. That is how I ended up with ReVamped in my hands. It had high praise and a synopsis with the promise of something new. And Ada Adams delivered!Dawn is such a cool character. She’s a vampire, she is completely kick-ass and capable of defending herself, but she’s also completely socially awkward and a little sheltered. Having spent her whole life at her father’s mansion, training to be a practically unstoppable warrior, she doesn’t really know how to deal with people. And it was her awkwardness around the folks of Angel Creek, when she first arrived, that endeared me to her. I want to be her friend and you will, too. Dawn is in town rounding up a ragtag team of misfits, who will become the guardians of the town. Unfortunately, none of them are particularly good at being vampires, let alone able to protect the people of Angel Creek. These guys were so much fun and had me cracking up all over the place. I think Seth is definitely my favorite of the misfits, but I’ve got a soft spot for Sophie and her love of books. Of course, there are cute boys, too. Ethan is the adorable, human bartender and has Dawn swooning from the first time she sees him. Then you’ve got Sebastian, the seriously hot and broody vampire. Both guys gave me reasons to love them and both of them really seem to care about Dawn, but for the first time in a while, I haven’t actually picked a team. I have this terrible habit of reading a book and completely falling for guys that are on the outskirts of the story. I decide the girl needs to have that boys love in her life and then I am always so disappointed when it doesn’t happen. Well, I’m doing it again folks. An outside of the triangle guy has captured my heart and I am so desperately hoping he captures Dawn’s, too!