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Epic Fail - Claire LaZebnik Full review also posted @ http://sarahliveslovesreads.blogspot.com/2011/08/epic-fail-by-claire-lazebnik.htmlFor me, this book was the complete opposite of it's name. It is definitely one of my favorite contemporaries this year, so far! This book was hilarious. I laughed out loud so many times. I loved the main character Elise. Her sense of humor is a lot like mine, so that made her all the more endearing to me. She was so sarcastic and random, but at the same time caring and honest. He relationship with her oldest sister was nice to see, I've always wished I was much closer with my siblings. Juliana was a great character, too, maybe a little to nice and forgiving sometimes, but a legitimately good person. It was nice to see the two sisters have each others backs, so completely. I really liked the scenese between her two youngest sisters, Layla and Kaitlyn, too. They way they were always fighting cracked me up. The male characters were excellent! Derek, the celebrity child, who's a lot mysterious and often rude. Webster, who's super charming and funny, but not quite. Chase, who was really just an all around good guy. Although, not everyone is exactly as they appear in the beginning. The rich kids at a prep school has been done plenty, so that wasn't anything new, but I really liked the added element of Derek's parents being celebrities. It certainly gave his character a little justification for his attitude toward people. The writing in this was superb. The dialogue was witty and clever. This was just an all around good time! Definitely recommended for anyone who wants a laugh and a little fun :0)