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Wanderlove - Kirsten Hubbard I'm not sure words can accurately express how much I loved this book! I definitely want live my life like Rowan, Bria and Starling do, if only for a little while :0)Oh, and Rowan is soooo swoony!Everything about this story makes me want to embrace life and have some adventure. All of the places that Bria and Rowan travel to are described with such beautiful detail that I imagined I was right there with them. The characters are nowhere near perfect and a lot of their past mistakes define who they are when we come into the story, even though they are trying their best to run away and pretend the past doesn't matter. The book takes place over just a few weeks, but the relationship that forms between Brian and Rowan doesn't seem forced or unrealistic. They start out completely unsure of eachother and it takes a lot of time and conversation for them to even start to begin to trust each other. I loved that we got to see some of the memories that shaped the Bria we meet in the beginning of the book. They are worked in so well and they give us extra insight into her. We don't get to see into Rowan's mind like that, but we learn plenty about him through his interactions with Bria.This book takes place in some beautiful settings and places of great history, but the story is truly about the characters and their journey. There is a lot of emotion wrapped up in this pages and Kirsten Hubbard wrote it beautifully. I felt for them and experienced the emotions they were going through at any given time. In the end Bria is just a girl who is trying to let go of the things holding her back and becoming the girl she always thought she would be. And Rowan is just a guy running from his past, because he's too afraid to stop long enough to deal with it. I loved these characters and I loved their stories. Definitely one to read and re-read.