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Things I Can't Forget - Miranda Kenneally I feel like I say this after each new book I read of hers, and I'll probably say it after the next one, but Miranda Kenneally has done it again. Her stories never fail to make me smile and I love reading about her characters. I was a little nervous about this one going in, because it's set at church camp and I'm not really a fan of religious type stories, but even though her faith and God are a large part of Kate's life it never gets preachy or uncomfortable. The role that religion plays in Kate's life is important in setting up her character's behavior and the choices she makes. It also gives her so much room to grow. And then there is Matt...funny, sweet, swoony, Matt. I can't commit to loving him more than Sam Henry, but I sure did love him a lot. I felt like he was such a good balance for Kate. I really liked the fact that he seemed so easy going and really just got along with everyone. It was cool getting to see Parker and Will again. I felt like I got to know both of them a little more in this story and it was nice seeing them interact in a different situation. The camp setting was fantastic. You never know what kind of trouble people are going to get into at camp and the possibilities for fun storylines are pretty much endless. I used to go to a camp every year when I was younger and it totally took me back there. I remember kayaking in the lake and running from snakes in the woods. So it was really fun reading about the counselors and what they get into when the kids aren't around. This is an excellent addition to my Miranda Kenneally library and has definitely cemented her as an auto-buy author for me. If you are a fan of her other books, or if you haven't tried them out yet, I definitely recommend the whole Hundred Oaks series. This lady writes teens and she writes them well :0)